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Raheny's Tallest Sunflower Competition

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2021 Sunflower Competition Winner

Congratulations to Eoin Cody, his wife Christine and son Tadhg for winning Raheny's Tallest Sunflower Competition 2021.  Their sunflower was a whopping 279cm!

We were delighted with all the entries to the competition and the photos of all the gorgeous sunflowers. Check out the photos of the other entrants below and the prize giving by John Gaffney at Supervalu.

SFA - Jill entry_.jpeg
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 Raheny's Tallest Sunflower 2023 Competition Winners 

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Sunflower competition! First prize sponsored by SuperValu Raheny went to Anja, Orla and Fionn (and Oisin not pictured). Second prize sponsored by McHugh's went to Nicola, Neasa and Ciara. Thanks to everyone that participated. Make sure to save your seeds for next year

Sunflower 1.jpeg
Sunflower 2_edited.jpg

Raheny's Tallest Sunflower 2022 Competition Winners

We were delighted with all the entries to this year's competition. Congratulations to the Hanrahan family who won the 2022 tallest sunflower award. Thanks to Super Valu Raheny for presenting the family with a lovely hamper prize.


Congratulations also to Caroline and her daughter Neasa who won the most unusual category for their 19 headed sunflower!

2021 Competition Entrants

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