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Community Garden

Our Community Garden is located in the grounds of Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace church in the centre of Raheny village.


Our vision for the garden is is an organic, biodiverse and sustainable space for all ages and abilities with as many native plant species as possible.

It is open most Saturdays from 10.30 - 11.30, so come along and visit.  After your visit, you might even be inspired to sign up as a volunteer!

We are very grateful to the church for the use of the grounds.  

Features of the garden include:

  • a forest fruit orchard with apple, crab apple, pear, cherry, plum, quince and hazelnut

  • seating including wheelchair accessible seating

  • a three-bay composting area 

  • fruit bushes (blueberry, gooseberry, blackberry, raspberry, red current and white current)

  • raised beds with vegetables and herbs

  • a polytunnel which has so far grown lots of tomatoes, peppers and chillis

  • a biodiversity corner with dead wood, wildflowers, ivy, blackberries and dog rose

  • a native hedgerow has been planted along the front of the garden

  • climbers have been planted on the fence, to provide shelter and attract pollinators

The garden has hosted community events including cycling week and community garden tours. A willow weaving course is planned for August 2024.

We donate the fruit, vegetables and herbs grown in the garden to our volunteers and the community.  

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