Raheny Pollinator Plan


New Pollinator Plan for Raheny

This year, one of the goals of our group is to improve sustainability and biodiversity. We were lucky enough to receive a grant from Change X which has enabled us to develop a pollinator plan for Raheny village.

Raheny Tidy Towns

Watermill Woodland

We identified the woodland area beside the shops at the corner of Watermill Road as one place that could be improved and enjoyed by the local community. A pathway was made through the woodland and a Fairy House and a bird feeder box have been placed at the centre of the woodland. The Raheny Men’s Sheds were very generous in donating pollinator signs for the area.

Further work is continuing to enhance the woodland: foxgloves (donated by St Anne’s City Farm), primroses and cowslips were planted and work to remove the dock plants from under the trees is ongoing.

Bird boxes will be a later addition and signage for ‘Watermill  Woodland’ has been ordered.


Schools Involvement

As part of our plan the students from Manor House mapped their school grounds to identify pollinator friendly areas. They created a ‘no mow’ meadow which is currently flourishing with pyramidal orchids and other native wildflowers.


Sunflower Competition

The Raheny Tidy Village ‘Tallest Sunflower’  competition was devised to raise awareness about the importance of pollinator friendly plants. It has been a great success so far with entries from across the community from individuals, schools and nurseries.

The next steps in our plan are to create a pollinator map of the village, source more native plants for the woodland and to run a campaign to reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides in the Raheny. 

Stay tuned for updates!